Osteopath for Plantar Fasciitis

Can an Osteopath give treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. Keys they can and it can be related to running or other factors. In the below article we explore how a combined approach can help to give you the best healing results.

Osteopath for Plantar Fasciitis

Your plantar fascia is a strong band of connective tissue on the sole of your foot. Which connects from your heel to your mid-foot, supports the arch of your feet and helps to absorb forces when you are running. This can be a common running injury and the best treatment would be from a sports Osteopath.

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis Flare Ups?

Plantar fascitiis occurs when this connective tissue becomes inflamed, causing foot pain and heel pain in the sole of your foot. Osteopath for foot pain is the main symptom of this injury particularly when you are weight bearing and it’s tender to touch.

Osteopath for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis can be caused by a sudden increase in running intensity or mileage. Also really tight leg muscles (calfs and hamstrings in particular) that cause additional tension into the plantar fascia. In addition, a change in running surface causing an increase in compressive forces going through the foot and ankle. Moreover if you have had a history of inversions ankle strains or ligament strains. It is also important to consider your footwear with not enough or indeed to much cushioning or support.

Can Osteopathy Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes it would be worthwhile seeing an osteopath for an assessment, advice and specific exercises to optimise the recovery process. Fascia tissue heals relatively slowly in comparison to muscle as it is a different tissue composition. Therefore having a rehab plan to reduce your foot pain would be beneficial for your recovery. Osteopathic treatment would involve muscular stretching, joint articulations and manipulations for your feet, knees, hips and indeed your whole posture. It may not be your feet that is the cause of the problem but it could be your hip pain (for example).

How do I Permanently Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis? 

At Wellthy Clinic we suggest starting with some hands on Osteo to reduce your symptoms. Have specific Pilates rehab exercises and address your nutrition to optimise healing. The combination of stretching and muscular strengthening achieves great results to get rid of symptoms. 

What Aggravates Plantar Fasciitis? 

Weight bearing activities such as walking up and downstairs and running.

Is Walking Bad for Plantar Fasciitis?  

No, however whilst your symptoms are acute walking will be painful but this is not doing as harm or damage. As things get better with treatment and rehab exercises you will experience less pain whilst walking.

What is the Best Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis? 

We believe a combination of hands on Osteopathic manipulative treatment (omt) and regular Pilates (stretching and strengthening) practice. It could be a lighter touch initially with Cranial Osteopathy if your pain is very acute could be beneficial for your foot pain. Plantar fascitis massage and Sports massage to help reduce muscular tensions and nutrition advice can also be incorporated into a rehab plan. Using a combination of therapies in our experience gives the best results.

Will My Plantar Fasciitis Ever Go Away? 

Yes, although it will take time but having a well structured rehab plan will make all the difference. Fascia has a different composition to muscle so it takes longer to heal however with hands on Osteopathy, Pilates rehab exercises and sports massage will help reduce your pains.


You can recover from plantar fasciitis given a well structured rehabilitation plan and time. An osteo will assess your posture, joint and muscle movements to identify imbalances and leg lengths. Hands on therapy to stretch the muscles, articulate joints, manipulate joints (only if appropriate and with consent) and exercise prescription to get you back to training as quickly as possible.

At Wellthy Clinic we offer osteopathy treatments in London, sports massage and pilates to support your training and to avoid injury. Along with sports injury rehabilitation.

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Matthew Glithero

Matthew Glithero

Matthew Glithero is an Osteopath (MOsT), Cranial Osteopath & Pilates instructor with a background in Sports Science (BSc).

He has a dynamic treatment style who delivers bespoke treatments aimed to reducing pain. Helping you feel better and empowering you to pro-actively manage your own symptoms.

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