Does Pilates Reformer Change your Body?

A healthy, toned body is just the start of the physical transformation you expect by practicing Pilates reformer regularly. With practice you will feel like you stand taller, experience less pain and feel more confident. Joseph Pilates suggested Pilates was about “the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. At Wellthy Clinic we believe there are multiple benefits to meaningful movement.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It is a physical fitness system that uses body resistance to build strength and flexibility. Pilates workouts are designed to strengthen the entire body and help increase stability, coordination, endurance and posture. Pilates helps you become more aware of your posture so you can avoid back pain or other injuries caused by poor alignment from bad habits like slouching or not walking correctly.

Pilates Workouts Who Is It For

Any age group would benefit from a fitness routine. At Wellthy Clinic we have taught 12 to 85 year olds, pilates is for anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental well-being. Pilates for over 60s and the young alike. For young obese adults there have been studies that show not only does it help them stay fit, it also brings additional benefits. It also helped with reducing depression and anxiety, with a positive impact on the quality of their life.

Pilates during pregancy will encourage blood circulation and increase functionality of your joints. It will help strengthen your core, pelvic floor and overall musculature.

The Basics of the Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment

The Cadillac is the biggest Pilates machine which tends to attract people’s attention when walking into a Pilates studio! It was the first piece of equipment that was designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1940s using a hospital bed for fellow inmates in an internment camp during World War 1. Obviously the modern day Pilates Cadillac has evolved to include a comfortable table with multiple attachment points for springs, straps and bars.

What exactly is the ‘Pilates Effect’

The Pilates Effect is a theory that was first proposed by Joseph Pilates. He believed that doing his exercises for an extended period of time would lengthen the spine, improve posture and help to even out body weight. Benefits include improved posture and general sense of well-being. The reformer workouts will even have an effect on the way you walk. You will find yourself in a more upright posture, head held high along with a positivity that wasn’t there before.

Do Pilates Exercises Change the Shape of Your Body

Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core muscles and improve your balance. In addition, this challenging workout can help lengthen muscles that you might not have used in a while. Pilates exercises are designed to improve the functioning of your whole body. Through regular practice you will notice small positive changes gradually over time. It’s these small changes that help make the body stronger and healthier over time.

Builds muscle:

Most Pilates exercises focus on strengthening your deepest layers of muscle which give you a strong foundation and help support your posture. You will develop a stronger inner and outer frame which will have a dramatic impact. Pilates achieves this really well as it makes use of both bodyweight and resistance training, which help to sculpt your body over time. The Pilates exercises we practice on the cadillac, chair and reformer machines use resistance to induce muscular contractions. By strengthening and stretching your muscles, the muscle fibers strengthen and lengthen which is an amazing way to develop tighter and leaner physiques.

Pilates Body Transformation

During Pilates classes at Wellthy Clinic, we work ALL of your abdominal muscles, including the six-pack rectus abdominis. Also your waist-defining obliques, and deep transverse abdominis which are the lower part of your abdominals often missed in traditional ab workouts. Many movements and postures you perform within a class require you to engage your core, whilst moving your limbs in different directions.

This challenges your body with balance and stability, and strengthens your core over time. Thus allowing your abdominals to become more defined. A recent study suggests that after just 12 sessions your core strength will be improved. Other muscle groups that are involved in moving the trunk are the multifidus. These deep back muscles run along the spine as part of the posterior muscular chain. They work together with the transversus abdominis to increase spinal stability and protect against back injury or strain during movements.

How Long Does it Take to see Results from Pilates

Straight away! Pilates is a great workout for anyone, you will get warm and know you have been doing exercise. The famous quote from the founder Joseph Pilates is ‘In ten sessions, you will feel the difference; in 20 you will see the difference; and in 30 you will have a whole new body’. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Through regular practice you will start to notice positive changes within Pilates sessions and moreover everyday tasks.

You may experience less pain, have increased shoulder or hip movements and increased muscular strength. Moreover generally you feel more energetic, flexing forwards to tie your shoes is easier or reaching for the top shelf is not longer difficult. You may feel like you stand taller and feel more confident. When you make Pilates part of your weekly routine you will see the best results. Pilates is self empowering, and will change your outlook on how you view and look after your body. You will start to feel like a fully charged battery!

Effectiveness of Pilates Exercises for Weight Loss

Yes, Pilates can help with weight loss, however for the best results combine Pilates with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise. Combining Pilates with strength training and other forms of cardio exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling. At Wellthy Clinic we can provide you with training plans to gradually build up your strength to give you a strong foundation before getting into more demanding activities like running or HITT classes to prevent injuries. It could also be worthwhile to have a nutrition consultation with our very own nutritionist.


Is Pilates Good for your Back?

Yes, in our opinion absolutely! Exercises will stretch your body without overwhelming your muscles with strenuous positions. The machines provide support to elongate and/or activate the muscles without stressing your joints. Moreover increasing your flexibility through safe stretches will reduce back tensions. In addition, muscular strengthening exercises are performed in a safe manner to tone your deep postural muscles and support your back. It has multiple benefits please see our 10 benefits of Pilates and Pilates for over 60s blogs.

Will Pilates Tone your Arms?
Yes! There are numerous muscular strengthening exercises which (with regular practice) will help tone your arm muscles. We will find the right level to make you feel challenged and not overwhelmed. In other words you will walk out of a session feeling like you have had a good workout!

Group Online Matwork Pilates
In our online pilates classes we deliver a series of floor based exercises maybe using small pieces of equipment. Throughout the exercises your posture and technique will be checked in real time to maximise benefits. Above all these sessions provide a great variety of exercises and offer a social element to the classes by being part of a group.

Why Choose Wellthy Clinic?
Our Pilates instructors have an in depth understanding of the human body, injuries and know how best to challenge our clients but in a safe manner. We regularly encourage clients to start Pilates in order to rehabilitate from pains, improve strength, flexibility and balance to feel better.

We have a great light filled, clean clinic in Central London. We don’t take ourselves to seriously and enjoy getting to know our clients to make sessions fun and enjoyable! We also provide private Pilates classes.