Eleonora Sansoni


Eleonora Sansoni is an Musculoskeletal specialist: a Cranial Osteopath, Osteopath, Nutritional Therapist and Pilates Instructor.

Eleonora is very passionate about her job and she is a firm believer that each person is unique and should be treated as such. She has an holistic approach to treatment which seeks to identify and address the cause of the presenting problem, rather than focusing only on relieving the symptoms. She mainly uses hands-on techniques and gives advice on lifestyle, nutrition and Pilates exercises.

Eleonora graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy). Then completed a postgraduate course in Traditional Osteopathic Methods which enhances the concept of the ‘whole’. A specific treatment that enables the body to restore posture and homeostasis, improve health and reduce pain. Eleonora is our London Cranial Osteopath, which compliments her regular Osteopathy.

Nutritionist in London
The need for an even more comprehensive approach to health lead Eleonora to seek further knowledge and answers in to nutrition. Her personal experience in dealing with a skin condition turned into a deep interest in how a balanced diet can have a positive impact on our general health. Eleonora graduated as a Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. Programmi dietetici per un Italiano.

Her education in rehabilitative care and nutrition progressed from her original training as a fitness and Pilates instructor. She has been teaching Pilates Studio classes and Pilates matwork on an private and group basis for the last 14 years in Italy, Australia and in the UK. Eleonora believes that Pilates is not just about flexibility or strength, it’s about awareness, knowing how to optimise movements in everyday tasks to prevent injuries.

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I met Eleonora to have advice about nutrition and I am absolutely happy about the whole experience. Her approach is warm and professional and her broad knowledge about nutrition and osteopathy felt like a perfect combination, able to see links between the varied discomforts I was facing. After 2 months following Eleonora's nutrition plan and supplements, I feel so much better! The improvements with specific symptoms and my general health are clear and visible, I feel healthier and stronger and much happier in my relationship with food. I really appreciate Eleonora's ability to have a proper holistic approach, while still giving considerations to the single symptoms that might be making our daily life hard. I think her approach was really excellently balanced and she provided me with great tools for me to keep taking care of my health through nutrition. And for that I am extremely grateful. I would highly recommend Wellthy clinic services and I am sure many people will get to benefit from them.
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I highly recommend Eleonora and the Wellthy Clinic! She is not only an excellent osteopath, but also a kind person with a positive attitude. It is clear she loves her job and she really cares about her patients. I contacted Eleonora for a severe back pain and she managed to treat it within few sessions. During these sessions I told her how much I was suffering from stomach issues and she opened up my mind about nutrition and supplements. Her nutrition consultation has been essential for me, I have learnt how to eat properly and how important supplements are. I am finally pain free! I joined her pilates classes as well, best decision ever! Classes are fun and I have noticed improvement in my posture after few classes.
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The level of knowledge and experience Eleonora brings to every single session is invaluable to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and needs consistent treatment and tangible solutions. She inspires confidence as an Osteopath, a Pilates Instructor and as a Nutritionist and I walk out feeling inspired, renewed and supported every time!

Eleonora’s first accreditation was a Diploma in Physiotherapy which allowed her to gain experience working with pre and post surgery patients, rehabilitative care and massage.

Mezieres Method
Mezieres method is a whole body approach that focuses on increasing the functionality of movement and reducing pain through specific postural techniques designed to elongate the whole back muscular chain of your body and encourage neutral spine alignment. Eleonora qualified from the Mezieres academy which was the first training school for Mezieres Plus Method in Europe. For further information see our Mezieres Method London blog.

Eleonora Sansoni Languages
Eleonora speaks fluent English and Italian.

Private Medical Insurance
Eleonora is qualified and registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council. Fully insured and recognised with AVIVA, PRU Vitality, Cigna, Simply Health, Healthshield & WPA health insurance companies.

Eleonora Sansoni Reviews
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