About WELLthy Clinic

We started the WELLthy Clinic to provide people in Marylebone with a different way of managing their health and reducing pain. We work with our clients across several health disciplines, including Osteopathy, Nutrition and Pilates. Our coordinated approach to health, coupled with getting to know our clients, enables us to help people achieve their health goals and live healthier.

Why we take a co-ordinated approach to health

The human body is amazing and complex. It’s no surprise then, when things go wrong, the best solutions can be complex too. We find that when we work with clients across multiple health areas, we often see better results. Our ability to support clients in different disciplines sets us apart and helps us to provide a holistic response to health problems.

What we can help with…

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The WELLthy Clinic story – Eleonora & Matthew

For many years our working life has centred around helping people with their health and wellbeing. We have continued to develop our skills, understanding and knowledge in health throughout our careers so that we can better help our clients.

Between us, we have qualifications in Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Nutrition, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Sports science and sports massage. Our extensive skills base helps us to identify how we can best help our clients and enables us to support them with different services.

When we set up the WELLthy Clinic in Marylebone, it was the achievement of a long-term goal for both of us and a chance to work every day in vocations we love. Our goal now is to help the people we work with live more healthily and happily and thrive in their day-to-day life.

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