Mezieres Method London

Mézières or Global Postural Re-education uses a combination of specific stretching postures, breath work and hands on therapy. Eleonora Sansoni offers Mezieres postural rehabilitation sessions. She is an Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath, Nutritionist, Meziérès and Pilates Instructor. In our below blog we discuss the aims, narrative and what is involved. 

French Physiotherapist 

The mézières method of postural re-education was developed by French physiotherapist Francoise Mezieres in 1947. Francoise realised that the muscles acting on the whole back worked as a single unit. If there was increased tension in one part this would cause an unbalance, dysfunction and pain in another. The aim of this technique is to lengthen and soften the muscular chains to restore balance with the function of the whole body. Francoise suggested if the structure was not balanced, the function would be disturbed as a consequence. This technique uses a combination of specific stretching postures, breath work and hands on therapy. The aim is to achieve a postural change through the work on the muscular chain balance. Also studies have shown the technique help reduce osteopath for lower back pain, osteopath for headaches and osteopath for sciatica.

Mezieres Method London

It is important to mention that Francoise viewed every patient differently and therefore needs to be individually studied and treated. Any pathology, osteo-muscular or otherwise presents differently. Therefore there are no standard protocols but individual plans will be created. Moreover it does not treat the painful area. This method seeks to reduce muscular tensions to reduce pressure onto the symptomatic area. 

Treating Patients

Francoise designed a way of treating patients based on her discoveries. Instead of working on the area of dysfunction this method restores balance through a reshaping of the whole body. This is achieved through an eccentric static contraction of the muscular chains. By stretching the tight muscular chains, the strength of the weakened antagonist muscles (mainly the quadriceps and abdominal muscles) improves automatically.

You will hold a stretch until all compensations are eliminated. Every treatment is different and as such each client will experience different reactions as a consequence. The work is very physical for both patient and therapist. This method will address the cause of your discomfort through a global approach which will provide a long term solution. Typically you will require a course of weekly treatment for 6 weeks and then reassess depending on your presenting symptoms.   


Mezieres Method
Mezieres Method London

Treatments Goals

  • Discover the causes of your discomfort and help to reduce pain
  • Reduce muscle tightness, joint stiffness and restore lost balance.
  • Help re-align your posture
  • Provide clients with self-management tools 

What does This Treatment Involve:

  • Holding specific global stretching postures for a prolonged time of which the practitioner will manually correct.
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Hands on therapy 

What Conditions can the Treatment Help with?

The Six Laws

First law: Your muscles on the back of your body (posterior) behave like a single muscle. This is because 97% of the posterior muscles are multi-joint muscles (they extend over a minimum of two joints). Francoise named this special anatomical arrangement a Muscular Chain. She believed there were four muscular chains in our bodies. The main one is your back (or posterior) muscular chain, running from your head to your toes. Second law: The posterior muscles are too short and too strong.

Third law: Any localised action, either of lengthening or shortening, results in the immediate shortening of the entire posterior musculature.

Fourth law: Any attempt to resist this shortening provokes, instantaneously, sidebending and rotations of the spine and limbs.

Fifth law: The limbs always rotate internally (i.e. they turn inwards).

Sixth law: Any stretch, pain, untwisting, concentration or effort makes the patient hold their breath. Also fix their rib-cage into a position of inspiration.

Global Postural Rehabilitation 

Eleonora qualified in the Mezieres method. A whole body approach that focuses on increasing the functionality of movement and reducing pain through specific postural techniques. These are designed to elongate the whole back muscular chain of your body and encourage neutral spine alignment.

Healthcare in London 

At Wellthy Clinic our Osteopath London offers Mezieres method postural rehabilitation. On your initial consultation we will discuss your symptoms and assess your posture and active movements. On the first session only we will deliver an hands on Osteopathy session due to time restraint (a case history taking can take up to 20 minutes of your hourly session, leaving therefore not enough time to deliver the full Mézières session) and to assess whether Mézières or a traditional osteopathic treatment is the most suitable therapy for your specific case. The Mezieres treatment is challenging and it is important to have a good mobility before starting a course of sessions.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in contact with us.        


Initial Consultation
£ 110*
  • 60 mins

Mezieres 8 Plan

(save 10%)
£ 792*
  • 8 x 60 mins sessions
Eleonora Sansoni

Eleonora Sansoni

Eleonora Sansoni is an Mezieres Instructor, Osteopath, Nutritionist and Pilates instructor.


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