WPA Health Insurance Nutritional Therapist.

Which Health Insurance Covers Nutritional therapy? 

Our Nutritional therapist is registered with WPA health insurance who covers Nutrition sessions.

How many more insurers cover this? 

There are other insurance companies who cover seeing a Dietician but to our knowledge it is currently only WPA who specifically covers seeing Nutritional therapists.

Why doesn’t my medical insurance cover nutritional therapy?

Great question, it might be worth giving them a call to encourage them to start covering sessions to help improve health of the nation.

What is the difference between a Dietician and Nutritional therapist?

Dieticians usually work within the NHS although there are private dieticians as well. They are legally allowed to supply and prescribe prescription medication and adjust dosages on a patient’s drug chart. A Nutritional therapist views your body holistically and how everything interconnects and are keen to address the cause of your symptoms naturally. Typically they work in private practice and can help clients who have a variety of different conditions.

What does the insurance cover, is it down to specific conditions ?

WPA have suggested they will cover sessions that address a client’s digestive issues like IBS and type 2 diabetes. However, each case will be assessed individually and it depends on your policy, so it’s worth giving them a call to see whether your sessions could be covered.

What is the Process of Working with a Nutritional therapist?

A Nutritional therapist will provide you with a personalised nutritional plan aimed to help reduce your symptoms and help you feel better. We have produced a what to expect from a nutrition consultation blog to hopefully answer some of your questions.

How many sessions will WPA cover?

It depends on your policy and we always suggest speaking to WPA before to ensure successful reimbursement. It may be the case, your initial consultation and follow up session (4-6 weeks afterwards) will be covered initially. For further follow up consultations your nutritional therapist might need to write a treatment report to request further sessions to be covered. We have displayed our prices below for your information if you wanted to continue with sessions after finishing your insurance allowance.

WPA Insurance Nutritional Therapist London

Will my insurance company cover the cost of tests? 

Maybe, it depends on your individual claim and policy but testing is covered for some Osteopathic clients who will require a scan so it’s a similar protocol. If your nutritional therapist feels it would be useful for you to have a functional test we will let you know what type of test, why and how much it costs, then you can phone WPA to gain the go ahead before we order on your behalf. There are multiple tests which could be suggested to investigate your digestive system like for example a stool test or a thyroid panel through a blood test.

Will my Insurance Company Cover the Cost of Supplements?

No, if your nutritionist feels it would be beneficial for you to take some natural supplements these will be recommended as part of your personalised nutritional plan. Your insurance company won’t pick up the cost for these supplements.

Is Nutritional therapy covered with my WPA insurance?

It depends, nutritional therapy is not an additional add on to policies so you don’t need to pay extra for this service. It depends whether WPA feel as though it would be beneficial for you to have some nutritional therapy sessions for your symptoms. Of course it also depends on what type of individual policy you have. It’s always best to give them a call to see what is covered.

How does it work with payments?

Once you have spoken with WPA and confirmed your sessions have been authorised just let us know your WPA membership and claim number and then we will bill WPA on your behalf.