Pilates for Pregnant Women London

Pregnancy is a challenging time mentally, physically and physiologically. At Wellthy Clinic we provide an integrated approach to advise, support and empower you to best control and proactively manage your symptoms.

Is Pilates Good for Pregnancy?

At Wellthy Clinic we are big fans of meaningful movement especially within pregnancy. The Pilates instructors (also Osteopaths) will give graded exercises depending on the severity of your symptoms. We believe in safe, light exercise should be encouraged as it helps encourage blood circulation and increase functionality of your joints. Pilates will help strengthen your core, pelvic floor and overall musculature. Moreover it will help self empower you to support your pregnancy and to feel better. In addition, Pilates focuses on your mind body connection, is therapeutic and can be a great stress reliever.

When should you start Pregnancy Pilates?

If you have done Pilates previously then you can continue throughout your first trimester but ideally within a pregnancy class. If you are new to Pilates then starting at week 12 having completed an Osteopath led Pilates initial session. The initial session will go through the Pilates principles, discuss any strains you have in order to develop a bespoke Pregnancy Pilates plan for you.

Can you still do Pilates when Pregnant?

Yes absolutely if you have previously practised before becoming pregnant then that’s great to continue to support your pregnancy. We just encourage you to take it easier with the exercises within your first trimester.

When Should I tell my Pilates Instructor I’m Pregnant?

Straight away. Your Instructor needs to know to select the right safe exercises for you. They will be discreet about the matter and will not pass this information onto others.

What Pilates Exercises to Avoid While Pregnant?

It depends on the individual but from the second trimester generally it is best to limit time lying on your back. Obviously avoid lying on your front aswell. Avoid crunches when lying on your back to not compress your abdomen.

Does Pilates cause Miscarriage?

Highly unlikely given it is such a low impact form of exercise. However to be on the safe side if you haven’t previously tried Pilates we suggest starting in your second trimester so you can feel relaxed within sessions.

How can I Change Pilates During Pregnancy?

There are plenty of modifications and mainly adopting side lying, all fours, seated and standing body positions to perform Pilates exercises instead. You can also also props like a wedge to put behind your back when lying on your back.

Does Pilates make Childbirth Easier?

Pilates strengthens your body and promotes overall endurance in preparation for labour. Increases your energy levels and encourages circulation. It helps to reduce stress and muscle tension. Moreover Pilates supports your body’s recovery after birth, including the strength and tone of your pelvic floor muscles..