Paula puga

Paula Puga is an experienced and passionate reformer Pilates Instructor and is also a dancing extraordinaire!

She believes the combination of muscular strengthening and stretching with flowing movements is truly functional and gives great benefits to clients. It’s fantastic when recovering from injuries and to increase sports performance. Paula completed her STOTT training in mat work and reformer Pilates. She has also completed pre natal reformer training so deliver sessions for pregnant women.

She also works at the Royal Opera House and performs in La Traviata. A teacher of flamenco, ballet, contemporary and hip hop dancing to name a few! Originally Paula is from Spain, she has performed and worked in Barcelona and now in London.

Paula has been dancing since she was six years old and has been dance teaching for 15 years. Her love of movement led her into Pilates to improve her dance technique and teaching. Paula is enthusiastic teacher that takes great pride when clients reach their goals. She believes Pilates can improve quality of life and wellness.

A Pilates instructor, dancer, choreographer and movement director. She loves expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings, images and concepts through movement.

Paula Puga Languages

Paula speaks fluent English and Spanish and currently works on Thursday mornings 8am-12pm.