Osteopath for Foot Pain 

Osteopath for foot pain. At Wellthy Clinic we regularly see clients with foot and ankle pain which can occur at any age for many different reasons. Most commonly injury or sports people (running injury) experience foot pain however systemic conditions also need to be considered as a cause. In this below article we explore how our Osteopathy clinic can help with your foot pains.

Osteopath for Foot Pain 

Ankle and foot pain can occur at any age for a many different reasons. Typically sports people experience foot pains especially those who do a lot of running. This is due to repeated high impact through the feet and ankles. This creates tight calf muscles and increased likelihood of ankle sprains due to awkward landings in sports. Also it does need to be mentioned that unsupportive and constricting footwear (high heels!) can also a common cause of foot pain. Again high heels can place a lot of additional strain on your calf muscles and cause foot pains or plantar fasciitis.

Can an Osteopath Help with Foot Pain? 

Yes a sports Osteopath can help with foot pains if the case is mechanical  (resulting from injuries) and are musculoskeletal in causality. Osteopaths will first identify what is the cause of your foot pains and then give hands on treatment. This consists of joint articulations and muscular stretching. A more gentle Cranial Osteopath approach may also be adopted if the patient is experiencing high levels of pain or we feel it could be beneficial to the presentation. You will also be given exercise advise (strengthening and stretching) to optimise the recovery process. Having a foot rehab plan is all important to support your recovery. 

When is Osteopathic Treatment not Suitable?   

If your foot pains are cardiovascular, rheumatological, fractured or gout. However if you already received a diagnosis of your systemic pains and are seeking alternative treatment to help ease your tensions then it would be worth getting in touch.     

Can an Osteopath Help with Heel Pain? 

Yes Osteopaths can help with heel pains if the cause of your issue is musculoskeletal. An Osteopath will first understand the cause of your pains and then proceed with hands on joint articulations and muscular stretching to help ease your tensions. The osteopath will treat your heels but will also look at your knees, hips and lower back as they can lead to heel pain. Osteopaths take more of a global approach. 

Can an Osteopath Make Things Worse? 

Yes it is possible you feel some soreness following a treatment for a day or so but typically after this you will feel better with less tensions.

Do Arch Supports Help Foot Pain? 

In our experience arch supports may give some short term relief but it depends on the cause of your foot pains and whether this has been addressed. Also arch supports can cause other pains elsewhere into your knees, hips or lower back in result of altered force transference. Our London osteopath will address the whole posture and if there is not a noticeable leg length discrepancy then it would be worthwhile trying some osteopathy, strengthening and stretching exercises first before considering arch supports.

Why is the Arch of my Foot Hurting?  

Most commonly plantar fasciitis which could be a results from reduced ankle function, tight calfs and hamstrings. It is quite common for osteopath for running injuries when they increase their distances. Also pregnancy with the increase in weight can lead to foot pains. However there are other possible causes that need to be considered. Seeing an Osteopath who address the cause of your foot pain, give hands on treatment and rehab plan will gain the best results.

Other Causes of Foot or Heel Pain

Sprained ankle after landing awkwardly, hyper mobility or pre-existing ankle injury. Osteoarthritis (‘wear and tear’) of the foot joints. Referred pain typically from your lower back (pins and needles, burning and/or shooting pain). Cramps with nutritional imbalances maybe a lack of electrolytes and magnesium. Achilles tendinopathy typically after repetitive overuse. Metatarsalgia and morton’s neuroma which generally this affects the ball of your foot, either as a result of bruising of the toe bones or nerves between your toes. Diabetes nutritionist near me can also result in foot pain through peripheral neuropathy.

Osteopath for Foot Pain

Foot Pain can be really challenging at Wellthy Clinic we will assess your posture, joint and muscle movements to identify imbalances and leg lengths. Give hands on therapy to stretch the muscles, articulate joints, manipulate joints (only if appropriate and with consent). Advise on an exercise rehabilitation after a sports injury plan which may include pilates and sports massage to get you back to doing what you want to do as soon as possible. For diabetes type 2 which is resulting in foot pain it would be worth speaking to our nutritionist.

Matthew Glithero

Matthew Glithero

Matthew is an Osteopath (MOsT), & Reformer Pilates Instructor.

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