Online Pilates Classes

Online Pilates Classes

Whilst it’s been a VERY difficult year for gyms and sports clubs people have been exploring online classes to stay fit and healthy. There has been a massive uptake of online guided home exercise. There is a huge amount of choice with pilates, yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes and more! Exercise is so important both physically and mentally to reduce stress and stay active. At Wellthy Clinic, we are big fans of meaningful movement. We have been offering online live Pilates classes throughout lockdown to support people at home. Below are some top tips to support you with home workout experience and to avoid picking up injuries.  

Safe Exercise Space for Home Based Classes

The majority of people will be exercising in their living areas using their TV to connect with their class instructors or exercise videos. Although space maybe an issue, try to make sure the space is clear as possible to avoid clashing with any furniture or objects as part of the workout. In addition if you are exercising with another household member try to ensure there is enough distance between you to avoid clashing with each other. If there isn’t enough space and you have two smart devices or computers why not use two different rooms in the house and workout at the same time but separately.

HITT Classes

With so much time at home it is a great opportunity to learn a new skill or try something new. If you are trying HITT class for the first time go for the beginners’ class and ease into the activity. After all you are learning a new type of exercise and your body needs to adapt to this activity. You may get carried away and incur an injury as the nature of the exercise is very demanding. HITT classes when performed correctly with a good technique can be beneficial. However they can be tricky if you have not tried this before as you may be adopt incorrect forms or techniques. Therefore increase the likelihood of experiencing an injury particularly when you are fatigued as this will affect your form. Receiving feedback from a trained instructor for this type of exercise is very important to avoid injury.

Online Pilates Classes

Pilates is a low impact exercise activity that involves a combination of muscular strengthening and stretching exercises. It will give you a body that is strong and flexible giving optimal functional mobility. It will make you more aware of how your body moves. Moreover Pilates focuses on breathing and toning your muscles in a natural way. This combines precision, fluidity of movements and balance within your body.

Can you Learn Pilates at Home? 

Yes absolutely! online pilates classes will give you real time feedback to ensure you gain the maximum benefits from the sessions.

Can a Begineer do Pilates?

Yes definitely, Private Pilates classes are a great way to start. Otherwise group online classes will be varied with suitable progressions. They should be challenging to keep your attention and you should leave the workout feeling like you have had a great workout. How to reduce stress levels naturally and feel lighter. Please see our 10 Benefits of Pilates and Pilates for over 60s near me post which explains in more detail.

Which Online Pilates is best? Why Choose us?

Matthew Glithero & Eleonora Sansoni are  Pilates instructors so have a detailed understanding of the human body and are passionate about meaningful movement. We are pain specialists and have a combined experience of 19 years teaching private and small group Pilates classes. Highly knowledgeable about various conditions and how to adapt exercises to cater and rehab clients to reduce pains. Paula Puga is an experienced Pilates Instructor who has a dancing background and performs in La Traviata. Please have a look at our reviews page, google reviews and yell reviews to see how we have helped our satisfied clients. Each person is unique and should be treated as such. Even without equipment or small props we will ensure you still have a great workout!

Online Pilates Classes

How Often Should I do Pilates?

Ideally a minimum of twice a week but ideally three times as it requires regular practice before you see the results. As with any muscular strengthening activity it will take 4 to 6 weeks before to start to notice the benefits. Obviously when you practice Pilates 3 times per week you will start to see results sooner.

How Soon will I see Results from Pilates?

The famous quote from the founder Joseph Pilates is ‘in ten sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body’. It is superb exercise for athletes as part of a wider training program to support the more demanding activities. In other words, it provides a balance to your overall training programs for injury prevention to increase your sports performance.

How Can I Practice Pilates at home?

There are numerous Pilates videos on you tube and other platforms and live mat work Pilates sessions you can try from home. The advantage of a live class is the instructor can give you real time feedback to get the most out of your session. With videos you maybe adopting a poor techniques which means the exercise won’t be as effective and you may injury yourself. At Wellthy Clinic we are Osteopaths and Pilates instructors that have been delivering private and group online live Pilates classes throughout the lock downs to support people at home. Interested in organising a private session, joining a class or have any questions please contact us.       

What’s better Yoga or Pilates?   

It depends what you are looking for within your exercise session as they are similar but very different. Yoga is focused on flexibility and long holds of exercises. On the other hand Pilates is more dynamic, has a focus on strengthening and flexibility and making your body functional. Yoga is a lifestyle and has a spiritual meditative element in some forms which is good for relaxation. Pilates does not have a spiritual element, it is an exercise class generally you will finish a session feeling like you have had a great workout and more connected with your body.

Online Pilates Classes

Another positive is studio classes can sometimes be intimidating when trying a new activity. Fellow class members seem to know each other already and are familiar with the exercises. Having the option to learn some of the moves through an online platform. In the safety of your own home is a great way to start. You will quickly become familiar and notice the exercises become easier if you regularly practice. Your confidence will build which will feel good and you may notice your tensions less. Your then have the option to progress and join Pilates reformer offers London sessions.

Private Online Pilates Classes

At Wellthy Clinic we offer private studio face to face Pilates sessions (1:1 or 2:1) which involve using reformer pilates Marylebone, cadillac trapeze table and chair Pilates equipment. The advantage of using the equipment is you can increase the difficulty though adding resistance to progress and maximise benefit. Conversely you reduce the resistance to support throughout the exercises which is great for rehab. You can choose to have a 1:1 or share the session with another person on a 2:1 basis. All classes provide a more personalised approach to exercise. Therefore ensuring the successful achievement of each client’s goals. Whether this is to increase their sports performance or recover from injury.

10 benefits of Pilates

Haven’t heard of Mezieres Method London check out our blog for further information on how this can help you.

Matthew Glithero

Matthew Glithero

Matthew Glithero is an Osteopath (MOsT) & Pilates instructor with a background in Sports Science (BSc).

He is a dynamic Pilates instructor who delivers bespoke sessions to help you achieve your goals. He delivers a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises to empower you to reduce your symptoms or improve your sporting performance.

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